Our practice is built on three fundamentals: Judgment, Insight, and Service.


Knowledge is, of course, important. And we have it. But to be useful, knowledge must be packaged with good judgment. After all, you consult your attorney for legal advice, not information alone. At Utz & Lattan, LLC, we use our knowledge thoughtfully to help you make appropriate business decisions concerning your employee benefit and executive compensation programs.


We are very curious. We want to learn about your business and about you. What is your benefits philosophy? Your business philosophy? Your approach to problem solving? What are your business and benefits challenges? The insight we gain from these inquiries allows us to understand how we can best help you. And we like to help!


We’re impatient. We want straightforward answers and we want them now. We assume you’re the same way. That is why we spend hundreds of hours each year studying, thinking, and organizing resources – all at our expense, not yours. This enables us to respond to your questions (and needs) as quickly, thoughtfully, and efficiently as possible.

Our Clientele

We represent employers, fiduciaries, plan administrators, and plan service providers.¬†We don’t represent employees or other plan participants. Our strategy is to serve a small number of high quality employers in the best fashion possible. Our clients have our full attention.

P.S. We’re Good Students

We like to learn and we like to teach. Frankly, we just like our work and we have fun at it. These are important traits for attorneys you expect to maintain deep technical knowledge, while providing you with clear advice well-suited to your business needs and philosophy.